Claim Re-assessments

Do you need a roof damage or insurance

claim reassessment?

If you believe that a you need a roof damage reassessment because a previous company’s inspection was not comprehensive, or your insurance company has offered a settlement that is too low to complete all repairs, call Toucan Roofing and one of our licensed insurance adjusters will be happy to reinspect all damage to help ensure that your insurance settlement is correct. 

What you need to know:

  • Insurance Roof Coverage: Understand what your roof coverage will be in the case of disaster; If you live in an area such as Texas where storms create a lot of damage ask your insurance agent to explain clearly what is covered in the case of storm damage and natural disasters.
  • Extent of Damage:  When disaster does strike, to properly determine whether your roof has storm damage, and the extent of the damage your roofing system must be physically inspected by a trained professional.
  • Damage May Not be Visible: Just because you cannot see any damage does not mean that it’s not there.
  • Fix Immediate Issues: If your roof is leaking is should be repaired or replaced immediately to prevent further damage.
  • Always File an Insurance Claim: Even if the damage is determined to be minimal you should file an insurance claim to protect yourself in case of continued deterioration or additional storms.
  • Have Free Inspections Done Prior to Calling Insurance Company:  After a storm, meeting with a licensed roofing contractor before you call your insurance company means the contractor can help you with your insurance claim.


If you are not happy with a current roof damage assessment, or the estimate from your insurance company after your claim has been filed, consider getting a reassessment to avoid further roof issues down the line.


When Disaster Strikes

To ensure proper damage inspection and insurance claim filing after a natural disaster, always call a licensed roofing contractor, such as Toucan Roofing (awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau).  Our Licensed Roof Insurance Adjusters will give you a fast, professional, free roof inspection or re-inspection and quote.

We take care of your roofing insurance claims, so you don’t have to.

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