These are a few of our many satisfied customers who wrote us to tell us about their experience with Toucan Roofing.

My Toucan Roofing specialist was a great asset in our claims process. He is a licensed insurance adjuster and his ability to identify damage that was missed by my insurance adjuster paid great dividends. Our claim amount was increased dramatically. The workmanship by the Toucan Roofing crew was as good as any I have ever seen.

– James Moore

I am a previous customer with Toucan Roofing. After the hail storm, I called the owner Mark Daniels and had my roof checked in case we had storm damage. Even though it did not appear to have damage, our roof is a total loss. Toucan Roofing is a great company. They are very punctual and have done everything needed to resolve our roofing needs, even before this recent storm.

– Joan Winston

I am very knowledgeable about quality workmanship, professionalism etc… The roofing crew from Toucan Roofing is the best I have ever seen. They installed my roof in a very timely manner and did a great job cleaning up my property, just as they said they would. A job well done! Your potential customers may contact me any time.

– David Woody

My experience with Toucan Roofing was stress-free and simple. My representative explained the insurance claim and roofing process in detail. The agreed pricing with my insurance company was a huge benefit. The roofing crews were great. Everything went just as I had expected.

– Ronnie Johnson