FAQs – Toucan Roofing

Frequently Asked Questions about Toucan:

Q: Do I have to pay Toucan Roofing for their claims assistance?
A: No! We will assist you with your claim from start to finish for free. Our claim management program is a complimentary service we provide to all of our customers. Call today and we will be happy the help you start your claims process.

Q:  Should I call my insurance company before I call a roofing company?
A: Usually not. In most cases it is wise to have us take a look at your roof first so we can make sure the roof is eligible for a claim before you spend your time calling your insurance company. If there is damage, we will also be happy to meet your insurance adjuster and make sure the specifications of your claim are correct.

Q:  Can I get the depreciation back?  
A:  In most cases, yes. Usually, residential policy claims have depreciation which is initially withheld. Unfortunately, many homeowners never have recoverable depreciation explained to them and as a result, they will commonly miss out on thousands of dollars of their claim. After the work is completed, we will help you work with your insurance company and provide them with all the necessary paperwork which usually means you can get ALL of the depreciation refunded. There are many small details and variables which apply to each specific claim. We’ll make sure you understand your individual claim fully before you call your insurance company.

Q: What if Toucan’s quote is higher than the insurance company estimate?
A: While this rarely happens, if it does, we have agreed pricing with all of the insurance companies.

Q: Are impact resistant shingles good to use when I replace the roof?
A: While no product is “hail proof”, impact resistant shingles will make it through many minor or moderate hail storms undamaged.  Also, many insurance companies give significant discounts on your annual premium if you have impact resistant shingles. These discounts can range as high as 30% off your total premium for 10 years!  Call your insurance company representative for details.